Come have a look at the new and improved bot.

What we can do for you

Momentum Indicators

Use various momentum indicators to trigger the start and stop of your trades.

Funds Rebalancer

Automatically rebalance your crypto holdings on various exchanges to ensure you never miss a possible trade opportunity.


Exploit the price difference between exchange for a low risk profit opportunity.
Trade While You Sleep

One of the best features of automated trading is that your trading activities continue 24/7, as the bot scans for trades based on your preferences and parameters. 
Never again miss a great trade!

Get Your ROI Faster Than Conventional Trading

Unlike manual stock and cryptocurrency trading, automated trading optimizes your investment strategies, exposing you to competitive ROIs in a fraction of the time.

No Emotion, No Problem.

One of the biggest obstacles towards successful investment trading is human emotion–fear and greed. With Idatco’s trading bot, your emotions will not interfere with a solid trading strategy. All your trading decisions are automated by data-backed algorithms programmed to make the value of your assets grow.

Set Up Automated Trading Strategies and Start Earning

Bots can simplify the process of investing and make smart, data-backed decisions for your investment. All you have to do to start investing is open an account and tell the bot what you want through setting preferred trading parameters. From there, the bot will start trading while you carry on with your life.